Welcome to Catapult, where we help you comply, adapt, and thrive in these challenging times. Catapult is a quick access resource for small businesses that is available around the clock, every day of the year. Catapult is a partnership program between the Colorado Small Business Development Center and the Minority Business Office that brings expertise to an easy e-learning platform to help your business comply, adapt, and thrive.



The comply modules reviews the intricacies of PPP and EDIL programs and offers suggestions on how to comply with the different rules. 


The adapt modules provide suggestions on how to adapt your business model during these challenging times. 


The thrive modules offer opportunities for your business to grow and thrive. 

About Colorado SBDC

The Colorado Small Business Development Center Network (CSBDC) is dedicated to helping existing and new businesses grow and prosper in Colorado by providing free and confidential consulting and no- or low-cost training programs. The CSBDC has locations around the state with a team of business experts ready to help you create and retain jobs, secure loans, increase sales, win government contracts, obtain certifications and more.